Friday, June 14, 2013

October 1,2012 Sloooow week.....

This week was kind of slow and it seems like nothing really happened . . . so I'll start out with the bike stories!

On Saturday we wanted to go to the Relief Society Conference and we thought it would be broadcast at the stake center. We got there at 6 and there was no one there! So we called everybody and their dog, and someonstreet finally told us that it was being broadcast at a different stake center w a mile away. So we had to bike all the way to 2280 South! We only missed the first 10 minutes, we're speedy :) But on the way there I was thinking "Man, that street looks so familiar . . ." and then I realized it's where Randi Redden's grandma lives! I was like, "I watched General conference there last year!"

On Friday we left our bikes in the church because we were taking a member to a few lessons. We tied them together and left for an hour. We got back and the bikes weren't there! I was like, "No! Anything but the bikes!!" So we circled the church and finally found them in the kitchen. They were tied together and there was a note . . . the elders changed the combination to our bike lock. We figured it out pretty quick. It was the mission goal for baptisms for the year. Now we always have that number in mind everytime we unlock our bikes! But seriously. Those elders.

I got letters from Sarah Bragg, Stephanie Crandall, Hermana Hansen (She addressed it at "Hermana Braggster. It made my day), mom and dad, Jentry, and the 8-9 year old girls in my home ward (thanks Sister Stoker!) It made my day. One of the girls said I was the "luckiest missionary in the world."

This week we had a lesson with one family, Claudia and Ernesto, which was so good!! We took a member couple with us. Claudia wants to get baptized so bad, but Ernesto has to get divorced and then they have to get married. Ernesto doesn't want to get divorced because then his property in Peru will go to his ex-wife instead of his kids. But we taught a lot about the restoration, the priesthood, and how the Book of Mormon is the evidence we have that this is all true. If the Book of Mormon is true, then everything else falls into place. Ernesto was tearing up, and everything was just perfect. They have a little two year old girl, she's so cute! Hopefully by February they will be able to get married and be baptized.

We are focusing a lot on getting our investigators to Temple Square for General Conference. So we get to be on Temple Square on Saturday and Sunday! I love General Conference time, it's one of the best times of the year. Especially on church headquarters. The church is so unified and we have such a wonderful opportunity to hear from a living prophet and to receive counsel that is specified for these days. I hope everyone gets the chance to watch it!!

I love you all so much! I hope everyone has a good week!

Hermana Jenny Bragg

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