Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012   "Enfermo!!!"

This week's Spanish word is enfermo (or enferma for feminine) = SICK!! I got everybody sick with the cold! I guess it was bound to happen because I'm around two hermanas 24/7!! So Hermana Obrigawitch and Hermana Hansen came down with the cold right as I was getting over it! I felt sooooo bad! So our companionship wasn't looking too pretty earlier this week.
I got letters this week from Suzanna Stoddard, Sister Crandall (She sent me a postcard from the Tri-Cities . . . it was great), grandma and grandpa Bragg (my zone was laughing at her Mexican tire story), JESSICA!!! (Happy birthday yesterday!), Adam (thanks for the Olympics update!), Pam (she sent me "bottom's-up" cookies, as Hermana Obrigawitch likes to call them. I gave some to the Elders in my district and they said "Hermana Bragg's tia is the best aunt!! Tell her we love her!!"), Jentry (with her green envelopes), and Ashley (Who has ET stuffed animals??). Thanks for the letters!! So Jessica told me some interesting news . . . Brother Weiss is now Bishop Weiss!! Of a single's ward!! And he's my cousin's bishop!! That's fun :)
This week Hermana Obrigawitch left us! On Wednesday we were waiting for the Elders to come out of the mail room with our mail. They came out empty handed . . . except for Elder Boyd. He had a little purple piece of paper. The Elders said "Sorry, there's no mail! But . . . it was nice knowing you, Hermana Obrigawitch!" They handed her the piece of paper telling her to go to the travel office . . . because she got her visa!! So she got her flight plans and found out that she was leaving in 15 hours! So we got everything sorted out and packed for her to leave at 3 am the next morning. It was sad, but she was way excited to go to Peru finally!!
We started teaching new "investigators." Our investigators are the elders! So we are teaching Elder Brown, Elder Boyd, and Elder Lewis each on different days of the week. It's hard to keep those Elders from laughing at us sometimes, but it's a lot less stressful to teach 19 year old boys. We're still teaching "Pedro" and "Victor," but we don't have as many lessons with them in a week. They set up this crazy new teaching schedule, but they did it the day before they knew Hermana Obrigawitch would be leaving. So guess who gets to take those teaching slots?? Hermana Hansen and I!! So we teach the most, even though the elders need more practice than we do . . . jk :)
We had our mission conference this Sunday which was way good! I've been focusing a lot on being strictly obedient to the mission rules. Sometimes it's so easy to just carelessly justify not doing something that you know you should be doing or purposefully overlooking something on the schedule that you don't "feel like doing." But as I've studied the attribute of being obedient, I realize that it's more than just blindly following the rules that are set for our protection. We are blessed for our obedience and it shows that we can be found trustworthy in the sight of our Heavenly Father. If He knows that he can rely on us, than He will never let us fail or miss an opportunity to serve or teach others. He will provide a way to be successful. Sometimes we are willing to be obedient and we expect God to automatically give us what we've asked for. But to be obedient requires faith in God's timing. I know that God is with us, that He is on our side, and that He will not let us fail if we obey with exactness. One of the members of the branch presidency said "You have 18 months to serve and the rest of your life to think about it." It's so true.
This mission has taught me a ton and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be companions with Hermana Hansen! She's the companion that I needed and I know that we were made companions for a reason. She's gonna laugh at me if she knew I wrote that, we were talking about that "for a reason" phrase the other day :)
I wish I had more stories to tell, but all of these days seem to just blend together!! I love you all and I hope that you have the best week! Mom, good luck with getting your classroom set up! Hermano Doxey got married on Thursday and he said that his wife got a job two days before the wedding. So she has one day after they get back from vacation to set up her new classroom before school starts, so good luck with getting everything settled for school :) Dad!! Don't work too hard and keep on flying that cute little biplane of yours (and don't laugh because I called your plane cute, Hermana Hansen said it was cute too!). Sarah, I hope you're doing ok, I didn't hear from you this week :( But maybe you all are on some fun vacation or something . . . but I still love you! Ashley, I love you more than ever and I was thinking a lot about you this week! I hope you all are doing just great and I love you!
Hermana Jenny Bragg

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