Friday, August 10, 2012

July 27, 2012    "Helado!"

So I got a letter from Aunt LaRee this week and she told me to not eat too much ice cream . . . but it was too late :) I am the league champion for the ice cream eating competition in our zone!! I ate 10 bowls of ice cream :) The elders in the other districts were trying to compete, but that didn't really work out for them. Elder Longhurst was the closest with 7 bowls, but that didn't stay in his stomach for more than 18 hours. So Elder Knight was really in 2nd place with 6 bowls. Don't worry, we didn't make a big deal out of it :) I just kept on getting up and getting more ice cream, and I wouldn't talk to anybody at all because I was "in the zone"!! Elder Ricks said I started to look white, but I really could've eaten more . . . jk :) So now none of the elders who were trying to compete will look me in the eye. Our branch presidency was eating with us and they said they have a new respect for Hermana Bragg. Great-Grandpa Lyon would've been proud! I told them it's easy to eat ice cream because it just "melts and fills in the cracks." I just want to thank my family for raising me to be an amazing ice cream eater :) Our district meeting was right after that and everyone kept on asking if I felt sick because I was just acting like normal! Elder Longhurst was looking ill for a few hours :)
I also got letters from DeAnn Hull, Mariah (Sullivan) Hansen (she laughed at my Legacy story last week), Jentry (she puts her letters in green envelopes, so everytime I get to class and I see a green envelope on my desk, I say "JENTRY!!"), Sabrah (she wouldn't be surprised by my ice cream eating skills, she's witnessed them!), and thanks mom for the letter! Especially the picture you tacked on. I laughed really hard when I opened the letter and saw the picture. All of the hermanas saw it, too. Those good old days when Sarah's hair had its own zip code :)
So our district is slowly getting smaller :( We sent off Hermana Kimes on Tuesday morning. She was so nervous, but she'll be great in Peru! We had to drop her off at the travel office at 3 am, so she didn't even sleep that night! But Monday night when we got back to our dormitory, they called Hermana Obrigawitch's name over the intercom and told her to call the front desk! We thought she had gotten her visa and they were going to send her off with Hermana Kimes, so we were getting excited! So she called the front desk on the emergency phone in the corridor and her face just fell. She just had a package at the front desk :( But she said she wouldn't have wanted to leave with only five hours' notice anyways :)
Elder Rothlisberger has kidney disease and his blood work came back with pretty scary results yesterday. He's positive that he'll come back to the mission, he just needs to go home and take care of his health. He had been sick all week and he feels good about this decision. So we now have two trio companionships and a regular companionship.
Mom, Hermana Hansen is going to San Fernando, California. I thought I told you, but I guess that might not have made it in a letter!
So this week we've been studying a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It seems like all day on Sunday we were just listening to talks and lessons and firesides all about the atonement, which was amazing! We got to listen to a talk by Elder Bednar that was given last Christmas at the MTC. It discussed the characteristics of Christ. It was such an amazing and insightful talk! One of the things that impressed me the most was the fact that Christ would always turn outwards instead of inwards in service to others. Think of all the bad days Christ must have had. But he never once stopped working miracles.
On Tuesday we had a devotional with Elder Gary J. Coleman. His wife also spoke to us, her words made me think the most. She talked of the influence that family members have on each other and how we can help each other become better people. If we keep the gospel of Jesus Christ foremost in our family we can be together not only now, but forever! I love all of my family and I'm so grateful for each and every one of you. You have all made me become a better person and I know that we each have our qualites and talents to support each other in our family.
With all of this talk about the atonement, I couldn't help but wonder how on earth I could be forgiven of everything I have ever done in my life. All of my stupid decisions and bad mistakes that I don't even remember, how can that all be washed away? We were discussing Christ's infinite atonement in class on Wednesday night and I was getting frustrated with the fact that I had made so many mistakes in my life. But the next day I read in Enos 1:6-8 I in the Book of Mormon) when Enos was asking how this could be done? How could he possibly be forgiven? But the answer was that he had faith in Jesus Christ. I know that if I have faith, repent everyday, and strive to be a more Christlike person, then I can be forgiven and return to live with my Heavenly Father :)
We taught a lot of lessons this week, but we're getting a lot better at being more unified (even though we now have three people in our companionship!)
I love you all!! Kiss my dogs for me, I miss them a lot! I was looking through my pictures the other day and Elder Eyster saw the picture of Kelty. He was like, "You have a sheltie!!" Haha :)
Love you, be safe, watch where you park!!
Hermana Jenny Bragg

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